Dubai Is Becoming a More Popular Choice for Indian Buyers

Dubai's real estate business is expanding as investor-friendly laws attract local and international purchasers, including Indians living within or outside the Gulf state.

The city's bankable location, good investment, and rental rates, capital growth, laws as well as The way Dubai handled the pandemic, attract the ultra-rich from around the world providing a significant boost to the housing market. 

Indians have been among the top three nations purchasing property in Dubai since 2004. For a Dh2 million or more investment, they can now qualify for a golden visa, which grants residents and non-residents a 10-year residency.

Compared to 2-3 percent in India, the average return on residential real estate investment in Dubai is approximately 5-6 percent annually. short-term rental is a massive opportunity that can enable the owner to scale appreciation to at least 8-10 percent. This also allows investors to enjoy their property as a holiday home when visiting Dubai.

Furthermore, rules in Dubai protect the owner equally, allowing them to evict the tenant if they choose to sell or occupy the property for personal use. If an Indian has a consistent source of income in their native country, they may be eligible for a mortgage in Dubai. The Indian government permits permanent Indians to repatriate $250,000 every year, which amounts to approximately Dh900,000. If purchased wholly in cash, a house in a combined name can fetch them around Dh1.8 million. 

With a relentless focus on rapid multi-sectoral economic expansion, Dubai is positioned to thrive in the coming years by drawing top talent from around the world (as a result of recent labor law changes) and attracting more foreign direct investment (as a place with the lowest corporate taxes in the world).

Other important considerations include $0 annual property taxes, great financial rewards, excellent return on investment, powerful infrastructure, exceptional hospitality, and more, making the emirate the indisputable investment paradise for Indians - or practically anyone trying to make it big.

Dubai is 2.5 hours from Mumbai and 3.5 hours from New Delhi, and at a price that rivals any other global metropolis.