Central Business District Punjab

Central Business District Punjab

The government-backed authority of Central Business District Punjab, most commonly known as CBD Puniab, is established under the LCBDDA Act of Parliament 2021, which was revised to PCBDDA in 2022.

The Authority, presently known as the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority, is the forerunner of Pakistan's business districts the pioneer district of which was titled 'Quaid District!

The Authority aims to put Pakistan on the map of Global Business Districts with the World's Youngest & Pakistan's First Central Business District.

The district comprises of 5 general zones.

• Commercial Zone

• Digital District

• Residential District

• Entertainment

• Government Zone

CBD Punjab is also crowned as Pakistan's first LEED-certified mega-project.

The project is based on walkable urbanism and vertical expansion with mega high-rise development focusing on modernism and eco-friendly hubs to promote green sustainability with the vision of preserving the heritage at its core.