Next Group

Next Group


Experienced, tried-and-tested, calculated risk- taking organization that pushes the barriers on the meaning of the word Possible.

We are the one and only company in Georgia that builds the branded residences in cooperation with worldwide hotel brands.

Each of our projects is different from others but they are inspired by the same idea - to be dynamic and convenient for the modern rhythm of life. We guarantee the high quality of our design and make it memorable, stylish and functional.

Yes, we’re all that.

Our main goal is to provide customers with the highest international standard of living and services, thereby promoting the black sea region and the entire country of Georgia. So it’s our primary motivation and reward.

We, the Next Group, an investment and development company from Georgia, guarantee the success of this vast undertaking on various fronts.

We have cemented our position and expert knowledge in the field and are unrivaled in Georgia for establishing, developing, and executing landmark projects with international partners and we are excited to be building the future of Georgian tourism with local know-how and expertise.

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