Takhlees Government Services

Takhlees Government Services

If you are looking for someone trustworthy and genuine to help you in all type of government services in Dubai, you have come to the right place. Takhlees Document Clearing is owned and operated by a UAE national with the right connections and knowledge to save your time and money.

We are based in Dubai, we offer all types of Government Services, as a professional services company, we are able to help you with obtaining employment visas, family residency visas, business license renewals/modifications, company documents such as labor computer card and immigration card, employee labor cards and more. We have excellent business relationships with the Department of Naturalization & Residency (DNRD), Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOL), Department of Economic Development (DED), Land Department, Dubai Court, Dubai Health Authority and all other relevant government institutions.

We have highly professional and well experience Team, who will not only provide you entire satisfaction for your job work, but will guide and support you on each and every step of your work.


To link all government authorities together in services sector or businesses related to some producers that can hasten the execution of applications either for the department or the client, or the government employee in a manner faster than routine methods. Following up and completing the department’s transactions with other government, semi- government, local or international authorities.

Completing employees’ requirements inside the department in relation to their daily, family or special matters without being need to leave their offices in order to complete the same which may lead to delaying department interests and clients. Opening branches inside all departments in UAE, especially Dubai, which will help in fulfilling transactions easily through these branches. Help in privatization for government department in order to lift the burden of tasks of services, to give the department the chance to achieve its vision and main strategy.