Tamboré Jundiaí

Tamboré Jundiaí

Tambore 41 years of history and purpose...

More than a concept of urbanism and architecture, essence in a closed subdivision of the highest standard with all the best that life has to offer.

Tamboré Urbanismo is a São Paulo company that was born in Greater São Paulo with one purpose: to create and develop projects based on the concept of high quality – and this is just the beginning.

No wonder our company is known nationally. The Tamboré essence pulses with each new venture. Safety, comfort, leisure, convenience and quality of life permeate each and every project created at Tamboré, which always comes not only to stay but also to transform.

Preserving pre-existing green areas is, for us, the least we can do for the space that welcomes us. Building with quality and innovation, identifying and interpreting the particularities of each region is, without a doubt, in our nature.