Propertync has never been just a magazine. It was always a good magazine but it was never just a magazine

Magazines are always good but being only a magazine is not enough. Propertync magazine added .com to its logo a long time ago

Wondering eyes have always seen this and there were always expectant waiting with curiosity. And now, the best real estate portal of North Cyprus is ready; has been renewed

Beyond the classical search system…

With the map feature, you can see how far a residence or project is in the city, such as school, pharmacy, ATM, market, or you can see the housing options you can buy by choosing the area you want to live in.

Moreover, you will be able to use your creativity in choosing this region. Also, you can easily make a comparison between your options.

Great ideas are waiting for you in the decoration corner.

Many different options from small household items to the furniture have taken place on our showcase pages to widen your horizon. If you have chosen a house with a garden, that means you are the Mediterranean, let’s take a look at the garden care tips.

Besides, if there is anything you wonder, you will be able to contact the experts.

We are focusing on new projects that have been started in our project focus’ part which will attract the attention of the investors and we interview with the leading names from the sector.

After this point, you will not be surprised if we say the Propertync Magazine archive is just a click away!, which thinks about home sellers as much as those who want to buy a home, with its easy to use, continuous support team, international expo organization partnerships, it is also the favorite business partner of legal real estate agents and contractors.

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