Abu Dhabi, RAK to vie with Dubai as top UAE real estate investment destinations

Abu Dhabi, RAK to vie with Dubai as top UAE real estate investment destinations

Recent market research forecasts an impressive potential for return on investments, with projections reaching up to 50%, for select projects on Abu Dhabi's renowned and emerging islands in the coming three years. This promising outlook positions Abu Dhabi's capital city and the rapidly growing tourist and gaming destination, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), at the forefront of real estate investment hotspots in the UAE for 2024. These areas, along with Dubai's continuously robust market, are expected to see significant growth in the following year, as indicated by the latest findings.

The study, which utilizes advanced AI analytics and is conducted by the Dubai-based global proptech firm Realiste, identifies Yas Island, Al Reem Island, and Saadiyat Island as the leading contenders in Abu Dhabi in terms of transaction value. Moreover, the regions surrounding the UAE's first casino, set to open in RAK, are predicted to offer the most lucrative returns for investors in the upcoming year.

This analysis highlights the dynamic nature of the UAE's real estate market, showcasing a blend of established and upcoming destinations as key areas for investment. The anticipated growth in these areas reflects a broader trend of development and expansion within the UAE, positioning it as a prime location for real estate investment opportunities. With the integration of AI in market research, these projections offer a data-driven glimpse into the future of the real estate sector in the region, promising substantial returns and growth opportunities for investors.

Source - Arabian Business