Warning Issued by Police: Sheltering Delinquent Minors in UAE Could Incur a Minimum Fine of Dh50,000

Police issue reminder about this article of UAE federal law, sharing an example to explain it further.

Anyone caught protecting, harboring delinquent minors shall face stiff penalties under the UAE’s new law on handling juvenile offenders.

The Ras Al Khaimah Police on Saturday issued an advisory, explaining Article 41 of Federal Law No. 6 of 2022.

This law pertains to minors who are either delinquent or at the 'risk of delinquency'. It outlines the punishment for harboring a delinquent minor against a court ruling, or inciting the minor to commit a violation.

The police also explained the law using an example: If a minor is found to be missing from their home, the person who was with him — or helped him violate the court ruling — can be penalized with imprisonment and a fine of not less than Dh50,000.

Source - Focus Hidubai