Why Dubai Metro and Etihad Rail may lead to next real estate boom

The expansion of Dubai's Metro and the introduction of Etihad Rail are expected to significantly boost the city's real estate sector, as per insights from Provident Real Estate's property investment experts.

Dubai Metro IPS conference 2024

Loai Al Fakir, CEO of Provident Real Estate, observed: “The Dubai Metro and Etihad Rail expansion signifies a transformative moment, with significant implications for real estate. By prioritizing accessibility, transit-oriented development, and sustainability, Dubai is poised for substantial growth promising increased prosperity and connectivity”.

As Dubai continues to urbanize rapidly, leading to increased traffic congestion, the metro and rail expansions are seen as vital solutions to this issue. By weaving real estate development into the fabric of the metro and rail networks, Dubai is ensuring that residents have easy access to their workplaces, retail centers, and entertainment venues, fostering a more sustainable urban lifestyle by reducing the reliance on personal vehicles.

These public transport alternatives offer efficient and reliable options over private vehicles, encouraging the public to shift to public transit, thus decreasing the number of cars on the roads. This shift is expected to result in reduced carbon emissions and ease the burden on road infrastructure, enhancing Dubai's appeal to investors and residents.

Dubai's ambitious sustainability and environmental goals are well-aligned with the metro and rail expansions, promoting a move towards greener transportation options. This reduction in the use of private cars is expected to lead to better air quality, decreased traffic noise, and a smaller carbon footprint. This sustainable direction not only appeals to eco-conscious investors but also cements Dubai's position as a frontrunner in urban planning and development.

Source: Arabian Business